Waste and Rubble Removal

Doing alterations or building on your house or business and always have to worry about what to do with the rubble. We can supply a number of skips for your needs to meet your rubble requirement.

Our mini skips are ideal for those small areas on construction sites or in underground parking bays. They are 2 cubic meters in size and can transport 2 tons of weight. All rubble is disposed of in an environmental manner and is delivered to dedicated areas or dumping facilities

Garden Refuse

Are you a landscaper or a passionate home owner who enjoys your time in the garden, and you always have the same problem when cutting down unwanted trees, bush or digging out soil and you worry how you going to dispose of the green cuttings. We have the solution that will resolve your problem and be affordable. All green waste is disposed of in the correct manner

Recycling Service

In today’s times re-usable or recyclable waste needs to be disposed of correctly. We are able to supply skips for your company for recycling containers and we will dispose of the waste (e-waste) in the correct manner

MicroWaste has connected up with rental MoveBox – a returnable/sealable plastic box with lid that can be used for household and office relocation locally. We can palatize theMoveBox’es, transport, drop and collect once unpacked at an agreed rental and transport rate

The mini skips are ideal for Sports Clubs, Events and Festivals where space is limited. We will recycle plastic, paper, cardboard and glass bottles

Clearing out your house or a deceased estate cleaning, our skips are ideal for clearing out all house and garage waste.

Compost, Topsoil, Sand/Stone, Cement and Ecological land/garden cover

MicroWaste also offer delivery of all the above for garden beds, grassed areas, sports fields and building sites. The material comes from reputable suppliers. 

Save water – we will remove your grass and cover with ecological product of your choice